QDX™ HealthID - Your Health & Safety Platform for People & Companies

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Introducing QDX™ HealthID, the App that lets you Control and Share your Health Status Information!

  • You control the dissemination of your health status information to people, companies and other parties. YOU choose.
  • Companies and certifying authorities can specify a rule-based back-to-work plan and employees can opt in to share their status in a red, green and yellow format; allowing both parties to know when it is safe to go back to work. 
    Health Status AppHealth Status AppHealth Status App
  • Companies can integrate with their work readiness programs to create an overall view of employees' health status, that can be connected with an employer's current CRM, Work Management, and HR systems. 

Your Health & Safety Platform for People & Companies


QDX™️ HealthID is a secure health and safety platform used to authenticate your health status and enables you to conveniently present your health status to others as needed.

QDX™️ HealthID is for you, and:

Employers and Employees - companies and organizations need to create safe environments for their employees. QDX™️ HealthID helps employers authenticate the health of their employees and supports a safe return to offices, warehouses, production and packaging facilities. 

Schools, College and Universities - students and faculty want to join each other in a safe return to campuses. 

Stores, Restaurants and Recreational Areas - look to protect customers and staff as they reopen and get people back to business.

Sports Teams, Stadiums and Performance Facilities - need to protect players, performers, staff, fans and let the games begin. 

QDX™️ HealthID is for you to get back your life. 


QDX™ HealthID Features

Using QDX™️ HealthID, you can:

  • Use your mobile device to keep a secure record of your health status.
  • Set up profiles for home and work.
  • Share essential healthcare information as needed.
  • Discover test site locations, available tests, and healthcare providers.
  • See your health status anytime and how you sync with the latest access norms for work, play and life.

QDX™️ HealthID is secure, supports your privacy, and DOES NOT perform contact tracing.


  • You have control over the privacy of your health information.
  • Only you can share your health status with others, whether it's a company, a healthare provider, or anyone else.
  • Your clinical information is maintained separately from the mobile device and app.
  • All health status and clinical information is subject to GDPR, healthcare data standards as well as "forget my data" regulations.
  • You have the ability to opt-out at any time. 

QDX™ HealthID QDX™ HealthID QDX™ HealthID QDX™ HealthID QDX™ HealthID